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LinkUP Movies – now Viewlets!

The following files are Viewlets, little Flash-based online demonstration movies.

Initially these viewlets cover LinkUP Pricing. We’d love to hear from you how we can improve these, or if you want to see alternative functions. Also, as they are new, we’d like to hear if you have any viewing issues in general.

Each viewlet will run in a new browser window. All screengrabs were taken on a PC but the steps are the same for both PC and Mac.

LinkUP Pricing Demos

Part 1 - A Quick Overview of LinkUP Pricing

- Updating a marked up document with LinkUP Pricing.
- The different LinkUP palettes.

Part 2 - Marking Up, Connecting to Data, Copy and Pasting

- How to markup a document from scratch.
- Connecting to data - the quick method.
- Copying and pasting groups of markups.

Part 3.1 - Creating Datasources

- How to create a .dbf file as a datasource.

Part 3.2 - Manual Markup Fields, Updating by Double-clicking, Changing Fields

- Creating Markups manually, ie, rather than auto-import using the 'New View' method.
- Updating Fields by double-click on the Data Viewer palette.
- Changing/amending field links, eg, for different price versions of the same document.

Part 3.3 - Hidden Fields and LRNs

- How to hide a Key Field behind another markup - useful for when you don't want the key field visible on the page.
- LinkUP Record Numbers (LRNs) and their relevance.

Part 3.4 - Configuring Field Links and LinkUP Projects

- How to change field links, eg, for variable currency documents.
- Amend data dynamically - prefixes, suffixes, search and replace actions.

- LinkUP Projects and their uses.

Part 3.5 - Proofing, Reporting and Zapping

- How to create and use Proof Reports.
- How to Proof by Key or by Field.
- Zapping Markups.


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