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Upgrades, crossgrades, whatever-you-want-grades

Most of our customers use our software for donkey's years. We even have clients still working productively on QuarkXPress 4! Naturally, QuarkXPress 7 is a whole different kettle of fish and our upgrade paths are here to help you make that jump.


So, when it's time for you to upgrade, what are the options and costs? There are a couple of 'ifs and buts' but we try to keep them to a minimum:

  • • We will only upgrade USB dongles. ADB and parallel licences are now defunct.
  • • All licences must be less than five years old to be upgraded, including USB licences/dongles.
  • • Sometimes it is impossible to upgrade a licence remotely and the dongle must be returned - please factor in this extra time.
  • • Upgrades do not include ODBC drivers (neither do new licences). If you use a LinkUP ODBC version, then you will need to install an ODBC driver before upgrading. Most ODBC driver suppliers have trial versions.
  • • If you purchased LinkUP post 23 May 2006 (QuarkXPress 7 launch date) then you are entitled to a free upgrade to QuarkXPress 7 compatibility - email for details.

Contact us if you have any queries about upgrades - please have your LinkUP Serial number handy if possible, it starts LU4. Or for a personal quote and payment details. We're looking forward to hearing from you.


PriceIt and LinkUP Pricing

If you were a user of our lovely old PriceIt software, there isn't an upgrade route as PriceIt was dongle-proected and the software has changed rather drastically since it was introduced in the 90s. LinkUP Pricing is now provided electronically, and works from within QuarkXPress. Find out how LinkUP Pricing can help you.

LinkUP Workgoup

Upgrade from LinkUP Pricing < 1 year old = LinkUP Workgroup cost - LinkUP Pricing cost

Yes, that's right, we take off the whole cost of LinkUP Pricing from Workgroup.

Upgrade from LinkUP Workgroup < 5 years old to current version: £199, €295 or $375

LinkUP Enterprise

Upgrade from LinkUP Workgroup < 1 year old: LinkUP Enterprise cost - LinkUP Workgroup cost.

Upgrade from LinkUP Enterprise < 5 years old to current version: £599, €885 or $1135.


If you want to change platform, Mac to PC or PC to Mac, our dongles are platform specific. We do not charge for a different platform version of the software, but the licence (dongle) will need to be exchanged at £40 per licence plus courier charges.

Note that you may also require new ODBC drivers which are not supplied with upgrades or full licences.


If there is a specific or complicated up/down/sideways/roundabout upgrade, additional licences, platform changes or special situation you wish to discuss, please contact us to see how we can help.


If you find something that LinkUP doesn't do (rare), remember we can customise it to your specification. Custom versions can cost more but are designed to ensure you get even better return on investment because they are tailored to your workflow.


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