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Do you have entire brochures or catalogues that you need to update periodically?
Do you have 100s of prices and images to refresh manually?
Do you want to take on a project for your client, but the amount of cutting, pasting and checking data makes it unprofitable? (Or leaves you with little time to spend actually doing the design work.)

Software for You

LinkUP Workgroup is a timesaving, designer-led QuarkXPress XTension that will update text and images in an entire document at the push of a button. It could save you literally hundreds of hours of update work.

LinkUP Workgroup connects QuarkXPress documents to local DBF files (simple data files created from .csv or .txt tiles) or to ODBC-compliant databases. It is capable of bi-directional update; import to your page or export from your page to the database. This is particularly useful if you want to create a database from an existing document.

But you don't have to be a database geek, with just a few set up instructions, you will be able to utilise the power of your stored data into your beautifully designed documents.

Perhaps you'd prefer to drag library templates into a document and populate a page, updating each library item using LinkUP Workgroup. Useful when compiling catalogues or testing designs.

See our comparison chart for a full list of functions.

Straightforward Technical Requirements

QuarkXPress 6 or 7 on OSX Mac(Universal Binary) or Windows.
Data file; .csv or .txt tile or a 'normal' database.

If you wish to use the ODBC version to connect directly to your database, you will need an ODBC driver (not supplied). You can download trial drivers from companies such as Actual Technologies or OpenLink Software. If you have any database questions call or email us, we can help you get a setup that suits you.

Benefits to You

 • Update entire documents quickly and accurately.
 • Change images from low-res to hi-res by pointing to a different image folder.
 • No extra proofing required. The updated info is based solely on the datasource. No manual intervention means no expensive typos.
 • Create multiple language, price or image versions easily with LinkUP Projects. Increasing project profitability exponentially. (Say that after a few glasses of sherry.)

Give yourself time to do more designing, less hard labour. Try our demo and see how it will fit into your workflow or contact us to discuss your needs.


The Price

Prices per licence/seat.

UK-based users: £695 (plus VAT £816.63)
European countries, EU: €995
USA, Canada & Rest of World: $1120

Software developers often sell 'packages' or 'solutions'. We sell software. We are open about our pricing and what is covered. If you have any questions, come to us for a straight answer, via email or Contact Form or telephone +44 (0)1268 490242.

Some 'What Ifs'?

I don't use images, what if I just want to update text?
Have a look at LinkUP Pricing if you have an existing document that you want to update text and prices only.

What if I want to build a document from templates automatically?
Look at LinkUP Enterprise, it builds single and multi-level documents from scratch using template builds.

What if I want more than one licence?
Multiply the price by the number of users or contact us for further info.

What if I'm not sure how to handle the data?
We have Technical FAQ pages, a manual and real humans who can help you out. Remember, not only can we help you prove it'll work for you prior to purchase, you also have 90 days free email support direct with us.

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