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LinkUP Pricing

  • - Do you miss deadlines because of late pricing or text changes?
    - Do you have to update pages and pages of information in a document manually?
    - Do you get final text for your design project way too late?

Your Sort of Software

LinkUP Pricing is designer-friendly software that allows you to update or import prices and text into your QuarkXPress documents - no technical database or coding expertise required. This could save you hundreds of hours, headaches and lost profit on a project.

All you need is a QuarkXPress project and a simple data file, export-able from any database. LinkUP Pricing will help you create a neat DBF file (DataBase Format) that LinkUP uses to update your document. No cutting, no pasting, no expensive manual errors.

Mark up your document using LinkUP Pricing and press update. Whoosh! All your prices and text updates at the push of a button.

If you have multiple currency or language versions of the same document, or even different layers within Quark, just connect to your new data and update whenever you need to.

See our comparison chart for a full list of functions. Or try the demo to see how easy it is to update text handsfree.

Added to all this, we now give you unlimited free Technical Support of LinkUP Pricing. Yes, free software support. Now you don't hear that every day.

Technical Requirements - KISS (keep it

  • - QuarkXPress 6.2+ or 7.2+ running on Mac OSX (Universal Binary) or Windows.
    - A data file, .csv or .txt file, easily exportable from 'normal' databases.
  • If you have any database questions at all, please just call or email us. We know that initially this part can seem daunting. We are undauntable.

Other Benefits for You

  • - Delivered electronically. Buy online and you'll have your software by return email.
    - Have a go yourself with our demo XTension before you buy or watch the movies and see LinkUP Pricing in action.
    - Unlimited free technical support.
    - Multiple uses - don't just use it for pricing. Whenever you get data, use LinkUP Pricing to bring it into your document. That way you'll avoid costly typos, manual errors and hours of re-proofing. And headaches.

The Price

Prices per licence/seat.

UK-based users: £199 (plus VAT £228.85)
European countries, EU: €300
USA, Canada & Rest of World: $375

Software developers often sell 'packages' or 'solutions'. We sell software. We are open about our pricing and what is covered. If you have any questions, come to us for a straight answer via email or Contact Form or telephone +44 (0)1268 490242.

Some 'What Ifs'?

What if I want to update pictures too?
Have a look at LinkUP Workgroup if you have an existing document and you want to update words and pictures. Or, if you have a smaller document that you want to semi-automate using library templates to drag, drop and populate.

What if I want to build a document from templates automatically?

Look at LinkUP Enterprise. It builds single and multi-level documents from scratch using template builds.

What if I want more than one licence?

Contact us to discuss multiple user licences. Insofar as LinkUP Pricing goes, just multiply the price by the number of users.

What if I'm not sure how to handle the data?
We have Technical FAQ pages, a short step-by-step PDF manual and real humans who can help you out. Remember, not only can we help you prove it'll work for your prior to purchase, you also have free support direct with us.


Free Support Small Print

Email only: Free technical support is via email only.

Contact timing: We aim to contact you within 24 hours of initially receiving a request for support, not including weekends. There are no guarantees for resolution time.

Software covered: Free support is for LinkUP Pricing only. We cannot assist if your datasource is not appropriate, nor can we provide assistance for QuarkXPress features. If you wish to discuss these prior to purchase we will be happy to advise you.

Database support: Although support does not cover databases, we give assistance where we can with datasource creation (DBF creation). This does not necessarily include creating the DBF for you, but providing instructions so that you may learn how to do it next time.

Email requirements: To assist in supporting you, you may be required to send zipped copies of your data and QuarkXPress documents. Without these, we will only be able to provide generic answers. An email address that accepts attachments (eg, .zip files) is required for support.

Repeated questions: We don’t like repeating ourselves! Please ensure that answers are stored and provided to all those at your organisation that use LinkUP Pricing. We will do our best to add new and repeated questions to our Support Database.

Reseller support: If you purchased via a Reseller, your agreed support contract lies with them.

Email addresses: Please direct all technical support questions to For general and sales enquiries, please contact

Legal bit: We reserve the right to amend or remove the offer of free support at any time. After all, we might win the lottery.

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