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What's the quickest and most efficient and accurate way of getting data, text and images into QuarkXPress?

Creating catalogues, brochures, directories, magazines etc - any data-driven document - can take a lot of time. Proofing takes a lot more. The time taken to cut and paste and repeatedly check data steals time from your core expertise - design. It even stops you taking on other projects.

Software Written from a Designer's Perspective

LinkUP Enterprise is a flexible QuarkXPress XTension that will cut time-consuming production tasks. It links Quark documents with database content and lets you build documents in a number of ways that suit you. No coding or technical expertise required.

Use template builds - library, pasteboard, master page or grid builds - to create large, complex or multi-level documents at the push of a button. Then update the document when new data arrives easily, giving you the freedom to concentrate on design.

You have the choice of DBF and ODBC versions. One to connect direct with your database and one to use database exports locally; helpful when your Mac operators are not networked to your database, or your client supplies data files by email. ODBC versions require an ODBC driver, which is not supplied, but contact us if you want help getting one.

Some core functions that we hope float your boat:

  • • Create a database by exporting from an existing document
  • • Bi-directional updates, import into QuarkXPress or export out to your database
  • • Conditional updating, eg, autodelete fields that are missing in the database, or flag them for action
  • • Multi-level indexing and table of contents creation tools
  • • Automatic creation of headers and footers
  • • Search and replace on-the-fly - adding currency symbols, amending database errors etc
  • • User levels control who works on what
  • • Character translation tables - handle issues between platforms
  • • Picture information export - maintain a database of images used in your publication
  • - and flexible picture import handling options
  • • Work with relational databases and flat files (eg, .csv or .txt files)

The 'Technical ' Bit

Mac users: QuarkXpress 6.2+ or 7.2+ on OSX Mac (Universal Binary compatible)

Windows users: QuarkXPress 6.1 only or 7.2+

Contact us with your specific spec if you have any doubts.

A database and ODBC driver, or flat file datasources, ie .txt or .csv files. An ODBC driver is not provided, but can be sourced from companies such as Actual Technology or OpenLink if not already provided by your database.

The benefit of connecting direct with databases allows for complex data relations to be cleanly replicated in your documents, eg, multi-level catalogues with categories, sub-categories, items and sub-items etc. This is still possible with the DBF version, but it's not as elegant.


Benefits to You

  • • Improved accuracy, time efficiency and profitability of your projects
  • • Bring document production in-house, keeping all your assets in one place - or be an affordable outsource as data
    - driven documents become easier and more cost-effective to create for clients
  • • Choice of ODBC or DBF versions - we give you both at no extra cost
  • • Call data back and forth whenever you need, so you can make changes right up to your print deadline
  • • Frees up time to let designers design, not slog away at inputting content
  • • Massively cuts down proofing stages, as data imported is always the same as the data source.

Upfront About Pricing

A single licence is:

UK-based users: £2495 (plus VAT is £2931.63)
European countries (EU): €4000
USA, Canada and Rest of World: $3500

Software developers often sell 'packages' or 'solutions'. We sell software. We are open about our pricing and what is covered. If you have any questions, come to us for a straight answer via email or Contact Form or telephone +44 (0)1268 490242.

Some What Ifs?

What if there is something else I want LinkUP Enterprise to do?
See our Comparison Chart for a full list of functions. If it's not on there, we can customise the XTension for you - contact us with your spec. We can't make LinkUP make the tea, but we can persuade it to do a lot of other useful stuff.

I don't use images in my documents, what if I just want to update text?
Have a look at LinkUP Pricing if you have an existing document that you want to update text and prices.

What if I want to update an existing document with text and images but not build one 'handsfree'?
If you are using a flat file database (only Enterprise can deal with relational databases), have a look at LinkUP Workgroup. It might be what you need right now, you can always upgrade later.

What if I want more than one licence?
Contact us to discuss multiple user licences. You can get fantastic additional licence discounts at time of purchase.

What if I'm not sure how to handle the data?
We have Technical FAQ pages, a PDF manual and real humans who can help you out. Remember, not only can we help you prove it'll work for you prior to purchase, you also have ninety days free email support direct with us.

What if I'm on a PC and want to use QuarkXPress 6.5?
Depending on what types of build you are doing, 6.5 may be OK. However, due to an inherent Quark bug, relational builds may not be available to 6.5 users on a PC. For that reason, we generally ask that you remain with, or revert to, QuarkXPress 6.1.


If you need any further info, please feel free to: Contact Us.

Real people answer our phones and emails within our company. We don't bite. Really.

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