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"Once configured it is easy to use, it makes generating catalogues and brochures a lot easier, keeping all the information synchronised.

The automation of transferring data from a data source to the end product increases productivity. MC Research were very helpful when configuring LinkUP and getting started."

Alan Holroyd, HCE


'Once you have set it up you can be sure that every update is 100% error-free. We can update three language/pricing versions in hours rather than weeks.

I like the fact that people answer the phones and emails, not machines - I've been dealing with the same person at MC for seven years!'

Jon Young, Purex Ltd


"It is exactly what we were looking for! It seems the only product on the market that suits our needs perfectly and continues to do so. The ability to create multiple pages with the correct formatting, with the knowledge that everything will be just as we expect it to be based on our web-based admin screens" (Ie, because Mike imports the data using LinkUP, he doesn't need to re-proof.)

"Great continued relationship and support from you guys - still the best product in its class on the market as far as I'm concerned."

Mike Ball, Hard to Find Records


Biggest benefits of using LinkUP? "Speed of production, as the data is stored there is no rechecking of data - speed, speed, speed!"

Chris Bienert, Fresh Fruits


"The easy import of data allows us to create brochures directly from data-driven websites. It saves us time and money and allows us to have more clients due to those savings."

Paul Harris, Reach Marketing


"It saves us time by automating tedious manual efforts. We appreciate the ability to customise to our needs and [MC Research's] thorough understanding of database driven desktop publishing."

Evan Goldstein, Publisher's Clearing House


"We like the increase in efficiency and consistency enabled by linking to a single data source for print and web publications. It was the only product which seemed to offer all we needed. Plus all contact with the MC Research team is positive and helpful."

Ian Bartlett, University College London


"You have consistently offered such a mix of expertise, fun, innovation and willingness to tackle new problems that it's always a delight to work with you. Nothing seems too much trouble or too far out of the solar system for you guys. It's just tremendous.

The LinkUP AutoDoc functionality is fabulous, it lets you set up rules to do whatever you want, then just let the data run...

I get great advice, help and enjoy your willingness to speak to me as a human being, take on my ideas and your ability to deliver what you promised." Rimas Balsys, Consultant


"I have been really happy with the support. It took me to a new place with how we do things and that opened a door to a whole new way of doing things. We process hundreds of stationery items a week with one person, we used to have four, so it's been great ROI."

Tim Chapman,


"The staff are very good and it is nice speaking to the same people. It is also great talking to someone who understands how our data structure works."

Nicky Hobson, Gould Hall


"Automating price input speeds up production of our 500 page catalogue. It works."

Steve Clews, Workplace Products


Case Study Archive - These go back to 1996 and most of them are still active customers.

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