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May 2008

Press Release: MC Research announces linkup pricing: offers Free Support

Laindon, GB May 08, 2008 in Software

[] Laindon, United Kingdom - MC Research is delighted to announce linkup pricing, their new Quark XTension for Mac OS X and Windows. With a focus on ease-of-use, linkup pricing is a Quark XTension that allows designers direct updating/importing of prices and text into their XPress documents, with absolutely no technical database or coding expertise required.

linkup pricing supports multiple currency, language versions of the same document, or even different layers. All that is required by the designer is a QuarkXPress project and a simple data file, export-able from any database. linkup pricing will help create a DataBase Format File (DBF) that it uses to update documents. All pricing and text can be updated throughout the document at the push of a button. And with no cutting or pasting required, linkup pricing can prevent costly manual errors and save hundreds of hours on any project.

MC Research is now offering free, unlimited email support for linkup pricing. This offer is extended to all existing registered linkup pricing users as well as new customers.

Minimum Requirements:
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel or Windows
* QuarkXPress 7.2 or later
* QXP 6 version available
* Data file, .csv or .txt file

Pricing and Availability:
A single user license for linkup pricing is only £199 (plus VAT £233.83). USA, Canada $375.00 USD. linkup pricing is delivered by email after purchase. Multiple user license options are available. A full-featured demo is available. Free technical support is available when purchased direct from MC Research.

Headquartered in Southfields Laindon, United Kingdom, MC Research Ltd. was founded in 1992. Involved with QuarkXPress since version 3, MC Research's mission is to develop excellent XTensions for the design and publishing industries. Their software connects databases to QuarkXPress, allowing automated document creation and update. At MC Research, real people answer phones, email and support valued customers. Copyright 1992-2008 MC Research Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Quark, QuarkXPress, the Quark logo, are registered trademarks of Quark Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. MC Research is a member of the QuarkAlliance and a Microsoft Partner.

Jill Barringer
Marketing Manager
+44 (0)1268 490242
United Kingdom
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April 2008

We are excited to announce free technical support for LinkUP Pricing, for both new and existing customers. Visit the LinkUP Pricing page for full details.

November 2007

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