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MC Research produces QuarkXPress XTensions for the design and publishing industries and has done since 1992. Our software connects databases to QuarkXPress to allow for automated document creation and update. We write software for Designers not the Technical Department, a unique perspective.

Apart from selling software, we have affiliated services for database creation and assistance, workflow streamlining and automation. We do consultancy work and software customisation - just let us know what you want and we'll do our best to help you.


We've been in the database publishing software business since 1992; that's a long time in computer years. We still have customers with us from back then. This is particularly pertinent to XTension software developers as they come and go. We have been involved with QuarkXPress since version 3. We know a thing or two about Quark.

Apart from the uniqueness of our software, we pride ourselves in our personal touch. Real people answer the phones and email and the shortest-serving member of staff has been here nearly five years. Chances are you will deal with the same person year after year. No, that doesn't make us boring, it just means we love what we do.


See the Contacts page for full contact details.


We are a small business. We prefer it that way. It allows us to be involved with our customers on a personal level and lets us get our hands dirty with real publishing issues every day. And it makes us as flexible as our software. Some of the people you're likely to speak to are:

Chris is our MD. He sails boats.

Mitch is our Director. He flys planes.

Dave does Technical Support. He also supports Tottenham Hotspur. "To dare is to do" apparently.

Jill does the Sales & Marketing and, lucky her, only works three days a week. She loves the internet.

David is our Accountant. He's a Gentleman of the old school.

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